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Announcements Of Upcoming Fine Art Events for 2017

This year will offer new material on the web site. I plan to display and offer artwork that is somewhat broader in scope and that reflects images not directly flyfishing art but related to those magical places that we visit and the people we meet.
Please stay tuned.

Malasia Exhibit:

Once again, Diane has participated in an international exposition for 2017. Her art has been chosen by an international jury to be displayed with fine art from numerous countries in Malaysia.

Announcements 2016
China Exhibit:

Thousands of paintings from 73 countries were submitted to a jury for display in an international show in China. "The Totem" (by Diane Michelin) artwork was selected and currently hangs in Shenzhen.

Furthemore I have just been informed that this painting has been accepted as part of a smaller selection of art to tour China and will be displayed Apr. 2 in Nanjing.

This totem stands in the Kasan First Nation historic village at the mouth of the Bulkley River as it flows into the Skeena.

Incidently, this is a pretty good spot to swing a fly and once again reinforces that while we are presenting our bits of fur and feathers there is so much to witness and appreciate.

art for display China

Italy Invitation

The Annual International Artist Watercolour Event held in Fabriano, Italy has extended an invitation to participate this Spring, Apr. 21-26, 2016. I am pleased to offer a painting and will send the following artwork, titled "Cinque Persona" to be part of the exhibit. This exhibition attracts a large number of delegates from around the world.

Most of you know of April Vokey and her Fly Gal Ventures. April and I have teamed up to offer hoodies and buffs using my artwork (as shown below) and her designs. What a great way to start 2015! Look for these outfits at http://www.flygal.ca/product-category/shirts-hoodies/. The buffs using a different image are on the way.

Getting ready for the new year I have sent a fly fishing painting to be part of the Canadian items in Madrid Spain, presented at the 1V Iberoamercan Watercolour Biennale at the Museum de la Monerda in March 2015 (organized by AEDA).

Announcements 2014

First up Jan. 24, 25, 26 is the Western Canadian Fly Fishing Show in Calgary at Spruce Meadows. This premier event is the largest show of its kind in Canada and a terrific way to kick off the upcoming season. I look forward to offering new material while reconnecting with friends and guests.

Also on the agenda is the Atlantic Salmon Fly International Expo in May. Check out the poster below for details as this promises to display the very best of the fly tying world. For anyone who has ever tied a feather on a hook this event is circled on the calendar

The image next to the poster is a painting of Harry Lemire, remembered as he was tying for us while at the River's Edge Camp on the Kispiox. I am donating this original artwork to the silent auction at the event.

    Fly Fishing Painting Harry Lemire

Once again the American Museum of Fly Fishing in Manchester VT will present the "Art and Angling" show during the month of July. Many internationally recognized artists contribute and I am pleased to support with 3 original paintings again this year. This gives you another good excuse to go and visit the museum and enjoy all of their displays.

Also, in the catagory of 2013 interesting events

* For the advanced fly tyer, historian or simply someone who appreciates the craft, there is a spectacular new book "Streamers 365". This edition displays a streamer and pattern for each day of the year, tied by many of the best familiar names. Beautifully presented, it is worth a look. Signed limited editions have just become available at http://streamers365.com/buy-the-book/. I was delighted to lend a hand doing the artwork for the front cover.

* The American Museum of Fly Fishing in Manchester Vermont is hosting a sale "Angling and Art: The Confluence of Passion". The show runs from June 17 until July 12 at the museum. Several of my pieces will be available in order to raise funds for the museum.

* And just a little further afield, I will be in Italy and have the opportunity to participate in the Sim Fly Festival in Abruzzo (www.simfly.it) June 22/23.

Currently we have 2 events for your immediate attention!

Crazy Bear Lodge is an exclusive, fly in, wilderness lodge in central BC. I will be doing workshops for guests during the week of Aug. 8-14 and hope that you will be able to join us for a mix of terrific angling and watercolour painting. Check out the website www.crazybearlodge.com and contact for details!

Also, The Old School House Gallery in Qualicum Beach is hosting an exhibition and sale of approximately 20 of my selected paintings. The official opening is Apr.10 at 7:00 pm, and the show runs from Apr.8 until Apr.27. I invite you to drop by, say hello and enjoy the presentation.

Announcements 2013

Past year resulted in fewer special events away from the studio for several reasons, mostly health related. Now that we are all happily vertical, we plan to make up for it in 2013!

First up is the Western Canadian Fly Fishing Show, Jan 25 - 27 in Calgary at fabulous Spruce Meadows. After missing last season we are looking forward to seeing friends and bringing new material to this premier event!

Qualicum Frameworks Gallery, here on Vancouver Island, is moving to a new home in a beautifully renovated space suitable for high end art. Starting in Feb. I look forward to having my work displayed on a regular basis.

The TOSH Gallery in Qualicum Beach will also host a show of my work beginning April 8 and running until April 27.

Quarterly each year, I provide the illustration that accompanies the editorial in Fly Fusion magazine. After quite a few years we have become close friends with the Bird family that publishes this wonderful journal. A must read for fly fishers.

One of the new fly shops that carries my material is the Plateau Fly Shop in Springfield Missouri. If you happen to be in that neck of the woods, please drop in, have a look and say hi for me.

I will continue to provide material and artist cards to the American Museum Of Fly Fishing in Manchester, VT in order to support all of the good work that they do.

Lastly. I would like to thank all of those supporters who have encouraged me with their comments and purchases of my art. The fly fishing paintings or prints are hanging in every province in Canada, most US states and all 5 continents. A pastime shared by so many around the world brings us closer together with a common spirit and bond. A quick hello to the folks in Smithers, Terrace and the Kispiox valley where we spend upwards of a few months each season. We look forward to getting together with you again this fall.

Announcements 2012

For those of you who would like to get a closer look at some of the prints and artist cards, please encourage your local fly shop to get in touch with me. I'm certain that we can put together an opportunity to get some product closer to your home.

Darn! For the first time in many years, I was unable to attend the Fly Fishing Show in Calgary. I hope to be able to get back for next season as this is one of the premier events on the show calender.

Announcements 2011

I have been invited to participate in the following major event on the east coast that is worth attending.

The American Museum of Fly Fishing
A Graceful Rise: Women in Fly Fishing Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
Opening Weekend Symposium in Manchester, Vermont
June 11 and 12

I encourage everyone to check the list of presenters and schedule at http://www.amff.com/information/a-graceful-rise-symposium-schedule.html

Announcements 2010

Since we are still on the right side of the grass, let's take advantage and live 2010 to the fullest! Briefly, I will be in Calgary (Spruce Meadows) for the fly fishing show at the end of Jan. and on the Damdochax R. with Hannah Belford in Aug. If you would like info on either of these, drop me a line.

Fly Fishing Artist Cards - My New Year's resolution is to continue making these more readily available to you but I need your help. If you would be so kind as to take a moment and introduce me to your local fly shop then I can take care of the rest and the artist cards of my paintings would be close at hand.

Announcements 2009

Trout Unlimited Canada Artist of the Year 2009

First let me thank all of you for your support and kind words! My fly fishing fine art has been shipped to every province in Canada, over 40 states and several countries in Europe.

Now here is a way for you to get involved! I am unable to keep up with the demand for the individual fly fishing artist cards. If you would like to have these available, then please introduce me to your local flyshop and I will take care of the rest. Your flyshop will thank you, and I will be delighted to bring these closer to you. Lets see how many locations we can put together.

Remember folks to get the Christmas wish list taken care of in lots of time to allow for framing of that very special gift. A gift of fine art lasts a lifetime!

There is lots to do before getting excited about the fly fishing show in Calgary at Spruce Meadows end of Jan. but I am looking forward to getting back and spending time with the Alberta angling community. This is the only fly fishing show (aside from gallery commitments) that I do and its always a treat.

Each season on the Skeena watershed is magical but this year was highlighted by a side trip to the Damdochax R. in Aug. Thanks Hannah - looking forward to next season already! If any of you would like information or details re this unique opportunity, just drop me a line.

Hurray! Its that time of year - my annual getaway to steelhead country (leaving Aug. 10th)! This year before heading to the Kispiox, I will spend a fun filled week with Hannah Belford at her fly in camp on the Damdochax River. I will post a review of my adventures upon returning to the studio Sept. 20. I know that's painfully early to leave the north but I have a gallery show commitment to sort out. In the meantime I will be checking messages occassionally when I get into town, and will make every effort to continue providing the quality of service that you expect.

This year promises to be memorable for numerous reasons.

a) I have been recognized as The 2009 Artist Of The Year by Trout Unlimited Canada - quite the honour, thank you! A good excuse to raise a finer glass of red and worthy of a modest whoop-di-do.

b) The fly fishing and painting experience with Hannah Belford on the Damdochax River is coming together for August. If you would like more information regarding this terrific event please contact me. This is an opportunity to fly in, explore your artistic talents and fish some great water! Big fun, take a look at www.damdochax.com

c) I will be at the Western Canadian Fly Fishing Show in Calgary at Spruce Meadows Jan. 23-25 and look forward to showing latest work.

d) Welcome to the "Classic Fly Fisherman" in Lansdale PA who will make available small prints and cards in their shop and at shows in the north east.

Announcements 2008

Back to work after my annual fall trip to the Kispiox, darn a month goes quickly, I have several dates for your calender.

The "Originals Only" show in Comox is on the 29-30 of November. The members of this community are active in the local enviromental issues and have been very supportive of my work.

I will be returning for another year to the Fly Fishing Show at Spruce Meadows in Calgary Jan. 23-25 and look forward to another great event as this continues to be the premier fly fishing show in Canada.

*** Stay tuned for more details on a somewhat different but very exciting opportunity on the Damdochax River (Nass trib.) with Hannah and Alice Belford. We are in the process of organizing a week at the lodge for painting classes mixed with a fly fishing and photography experience. I had the pleasure of meeting Hannah at the lodge this fall and this wilderness retreat offers a magical setting for a terrific adventure. Space will be extremely limited so contact me or Hannah early for more information. www.damdochax.com.
It would also be worthwhile to visit Hannah's sister site www.flyfishergirl.com

August 18th, 2008 is a date to circle on your calendar if you are in the area. This is the opening of my solo show at the Old School House Gallery in Qualicum Beach. The show will continue in the Dorothy Francis room until Sept. 13. For information call 250 752 6133. I invite you to join us and would be delighted to meet you to share my experiences in painting fly fishing fine art.

The British Columbia Fly Fishers Federation annual meeting is being held in Nanaimo this year on April 26. I will be there with a few paintings and prints along with a cast of industry reps and guest speakers. The trade show will be followed by a banquet and auction.

Announcements 2007

I am back in the studio after a month of chasing steelhead on the Kispiox River. Sketches and photography will provide inspiration for the new year. My next stop, other than regular gallery commitments, is the Fly Fishing Show in Calgary, Jan. 25, 2008 at Spruce Meadows.

Check the latest issue of Salmon and Steelhead Journal and Fly Fusion magazine for examples of my recent paintings. I am delighted that these two high end, must read publications have selected my work to be showcased regularly in their publications.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to collaborate with talented fly dressers from many areas. Below is an example of my work with the stunning spey flies of our Seattle friend Rockwell Hammond.

Nile Creek Enhancement Society wins first prize at the prestigious Canadian Environmental Awards, Montreal, June 2007.

The past few years I have been delighted to be part of this organization that has made inordinate efforts to restore a salmon stream on Vancouver Island. A hatchery, spawning side channel and ambitious restoration grabbed the attention of the sponsors of this award. Remarkably, this small group of fly fisherman and enviromentalists has made a difference and received national acclaim.

I had the opportunity to attend the Western Canadian Fly Fishing Exposition in Calgary. This is the largest event of its kind in Canada, gathering together a strong cast of industry reps and guest speakers. It was a delight catching up with friends in the fly fishing community and bringing fly fishing fine art to the show. Thanks to the staff of Fly Fusion Magazine for putting the event together.

Several original paintings, in fly fishing themes, are now also displayed along side premium work of established west coast artists at the Qualicum Frameworks Gallery in beautiful Qualicum Beach.

The Grand Hyatt in Aspen Colorado has selected my work to decorate 41 luxury suites. I am delighted to be able to promote fly fishing art in such a prestigious location.

For those of you fortunate enough to be in the Campbell River area be sure to drop by the Framing Post Gallery where Inge and Jurgen have an excellent display of impeccably framed art, representative of our Pacific coast.

It's a pleasure to announce that 4 prints have been selected as part of a set design for a David Cronenberg feature film starring Viggo Mortensen (Hidalgo, Lord of the Rings), William Hurt and Ed Harris. The film, "History of Violence" was released in the fall of 2005.

As artists, fly tyers and writers often work in solitary confinement in the studio or at the bench, it was a delight to collaborate with Selene Dumaine on a project. Selene, a highly respected tyer from Maine, was featured in Fly Tyer Magazine. After purchasing a print, she approached me to provide artwork for her framed fly plates and although we never met, a friendship developed. That shared effort across an international border was a refreshing and rewarding experience. Please visit Selene's site Trout Encounters to view and purchase the final product.

I am pleased to announce that my work continues to be on display at the Cacapedia River Museum (photos below). The museum is a magnificent representation of the Atlantic salmon fly fishing history and a mandatory stop while exploring the rivers of Gaspe.

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